Resident Dharma Teacher

Terry Cortés-Vega

Terry Cortés-Vega began her training in mindfulness in 1998 with Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, and in 2012 she was ordained as a Dharma Teacher in his Order of Interbeing. She explains the Dharma by sharing her own experiences and insights at public talks, days of mindfulness, and meditation and mindfulness retreats.

She has taught in Florida, Idaho, Louisiana, Mexico, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, Ohio and Texas. Occasionally, she gives online Dharma talks to Sanghas from Canada to Mexico and from Pittsburgh to Boise. Terry has been described as an “insightful, heartfelt and creative” teacher of the Dharma whose talks are “humorous and relatable, simple yet profound.”

Terry’s home Sangha is Plum Blossom Sangha in Austin, Texas and she offers on-going support and guidance to Sanghas in Dallas, Ft. Worth, Grapevine, Rockwall, and San Antonio. She leads regular workshops for aspirants and ordained members of the Order of Interbeing, nourishing a thriving community of Thay’s lay students in Texas.

For more than 20 years, Terry has led a weekly meditation/mindfulness/yoga class in various jails and prisons in and around Austin. With the help of inmates, she is writing a book offering guidance for people who offer similar classes. She leads a weekly “Buddhist Service” for inmates at the DelValle Correctional Center.

Terry enjoys teaching students of all ages and has offered Dharma talks and guided meditations to children and teens at the Buddhist Youth Academy Summer Camp in California. For 35 years, she has owned and directed a summer program for gifted youngsters called MasterSchool that was born of Terry’s experience as an award-winning teacher in K-12 public education.

Terry is happily married to Gustavo Cortés-Vega. They live in the country with their old goat Lola, some horses, chickens, too many cats, a fat polka-dot pig, and various wild critters. They have children and grandchildren in Texas and Mexico.

You can view Terry’s teaching schedule here.